thinking broader about flexibility

There is someone on my team at work who consistently works out during the day. I commend her for her dedication and scheduling prowess. I’ve seen her head to the gym at seemingly odd times, like 10 a.m. or 3 p.m. Those times seem odd to me because I never really considered those times of the day.ย My workouts are almost always morning, noon or night.

I really value the ability to set my own schedule, on my own terms and to be trusted to do so. But, I’ve not been the best steward of my own time and it’s time that I change a few things.ย I have more flexibility in my day than I currently allow myself.ย 

While there are, of course, certain expectations during my workday, I am not an hourly employee and in general, I have a great amount of flexibility. There is also a gym + showers in the basement of my work building, which helps negate my barrage of excuses.

So, last night, I packed my gym bag and planned to do my run at 11 a.m. It ended up being a nice break in the day and no one missed me while I was gone. I’m looking forward to being more creative about how I plan and use my time throughout the day. I want to be sure to cultivate time in each day to workout, think bigger, connect meaningfully and spend less time in front of screens.

One thought on “thinking broader about flexibility

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